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Many of you will have found this site from our “LSAT Study Group” on Facebook. If you join the group you will find various LSAT tutors advertising their services. This page is to list the name, location and contact info for various tutors. Obviously, I don’t know these people individually. Hence, the appearance of any LSAT tutor on either this site or the Facebook group does not constitute an endorsement, approval or recommendation of the service.

Basically, you are on your own.

If you are an LSAT tutor and wish to be listed on this page, please email me at:

lsatstudygroup [at] gmail dot com

or simply post a comment here with our contact info

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  1. admin

    Larkin Robson says:
    February 27, 2011 at 6:59 pm (Edit)

    I have been teaching the LSAT independently for over five years. I studied philosophy at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he earned his bachelors degree. As a philosophy major I received formal training in logic, an integral part of the LSAT. As an undergraduate I took the LSAT scoring a 175, above the 99th percentile. This score allowed me to attend and then graduate New York University School of Law. I have experience tutoring a wide variety of students. I have taught the LSAT successfully to hundreds of students including experienced professionals going back to school, inexperienced college students who have never seen the LSAT before, many individuals who have tried other test prep companies and/or other tutors with little to no success. Additionally, I work for a law school prep program at an undergraduate institution teaching the LSAT to low-income students who wish to go to law school.

    I am located in New York City, and tutors both in the city and in the surrounding areas. I also do phone/virtual tutoring.

    Feel free to visit my website at 180 Degrees LSAT prep


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