LSAT Teachers/Tutors – Prep Advice

LSAT teachers/tutors – prep advice

LSAT Teachers and Tutors – Join The Conversation!

An LSAT preparation course is only as good as the LSAT teacher

There is no one way to teach LSAT and there is no one perspective on LSAT. The purpose of the blog is to provide a prep network. This includes:

–          LSAT test takers helping other test takers; and

–          LSAT teachers and tutors helping test takers (or other teachers)

In invite you to offer “guest posts” for this site. A guest post could talk about the LSAT, LSAT preparation or perhaps LSAT books. An example of a “guest post” is from John Rood at:

So, if you would like to “join the discussion” please email me your post (preferably in html format) to:

But, please no posts that are solely for promotional purposes.

LSAT Teachers and Tutors – Prep Advice

I thought I would link to some interesting perspectives on LSAT preparation. If you would like the link to you removed or if you would like a link to your site or a specific post on your site, contact John at:

prelawforum at gmail dot com

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