Part 4 – Your Prelaw Grades

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Part 4 – Your Grades

Obviously your grades will be the single biggest factor in your
application. Applying to law school is sufficiently time consuming that it can interfere with your study time.

Principle 1 – you should complete your applications as early as possible!

Many applicants are neither accepted nor rejected until the school year is over. Your grades in your final year, can make a difference to your success.

Principle 2 – you must do as well as you can in your final year.

Many students are worried about grades in one or two courses or in a certain year (for example first year). Although there is nothing you can do about these grades, some schools consider upward trends in grades. In addition, some schools may not consider every single grade – but may have a mechanism for discounting certain grades. Schools differ in the way they handle this.

Principle 3 – There is nothing you can do about your previous grades. Do not allow yourself to become discouraged. Upward trends in grades do matter.

Consider The Rank In Class As Well As The Actual Grade!

Finally, if your grades don’t look “spectacular” on paper you may want to argue your case based on “rank in class”. A student recently told me that the grade of B+ that she received on an essay was the top grade of 150 students in that course. Clearly, that knowledge enhances the value of the grade. This must be drawn to the attention of the admissions committee. Perhaps, this can be done by tying this into a “letter of reference”

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