Part 6 – The LSAT Writing Sample

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Part 6 – The LSAT Writing Sample

The “Writing Sample” is done at the end of the LSAT. It is a 35 minute exercise and does not count toward your LSAT score. It is a mandatory part of the exercise.

The law schools of the University of Windsor, the University of Ottawa and the University of Western Ontario have made it very clear that they do read and consider the LSAT writing sample. (Other schools may also consider it.) It is considered to be a good indicator of a candidate’s writing skills. Hence, you must understand the topic formats and practice with them.

Minor changes took effect in June 2005 which were rescinded effective June 2007. Effective June 2007 all writing sample prompts will be the “decision variety”.

Principle 6 – You must give the Writing Sample the attention it deserves.

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