Part 7 – Law School Reference Letters

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This page is included with the permission of the Richardson Law School Application Guide.

Part 7 – Letters Of Reference

Letters of reference are now required at almost all schools in almost all application categories. Most of you will need both “academic references” and “non-academic references”.

Principle 7 – Your referees must be committed to writing you a strong letter of reference. The question so ask a potential referee is:

“Do you feel that you could and would you be willing to write me a strong reference for law school?”

Only if you get a strong “YES”, should you proceed with that person.

Principle 8 – Your referee will need help. Schedule an appointment. Bring the person a copy of everything in your file including an updated resume. In other words, do your best to help the person help you.

You will find valuable information and specific examples at:

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