Part 1 – Applying in Ontario

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Part 1 – Applying To Law School In Ontario vs.
Applying To Law School Outside Of Ontario

Applicants will apply to law schools both inside Ontario and outside of Ontario in other Canadian provinces or the U.S.

Law Schools Outside Of Ontario:

You must apply to each of these schools on an individual basis. Contact information for all Canadian and U.S. schools may be found on the Law Services site at:

It is essential that you apply to each of these schools separately and differently. Do not send exactly the same information to each school. Different schools have different personalities.

Law Schools Inside Of Ontario:

There are six law schools in Ontario and they use a common application process and a centralized application centre – The Ontario Law School Application Centre – “OLSAS”.

You should visit them at:

When Should You Begin Applying?

The application process is lots of work. The amount of work can take time away from studying – and hence impact your grades. Therefore, you should:

1. Do as much of the work as you can in the summer.

2. Even if you are not yet ready to apply, it will help you to “pretend that you are applying in the year before you apply.”

Rolling Admissions:

Many law schools use a process called “rolling admissions”. This means that your application can be considered before the application deadline

Hence, it is NEVER to your disadvantage to complete your application file as early as possible.

In addition to application information, the OLSAS site has some interesting charts. You should pay particular attention to:

1. The chart outlining admission requirements to Ontario law schools:

2. The GPA conversion chart (for example, how are grades from York converted)

A link to the discussion board is:

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